Strapping/Packing Line

For packing PB, OSB, MDF and THDF stacks
Customer benefits
Flexible packing according to market requirements
Heavy-duty construction to ensure long lifetime
Reliable process to ensure high uptime
Technical features
Vertical or horizontal axis plastic wrapping with stretch foil
Semi-automatic or automatic crosswise strapping with PE band
Optional: panel edge printing or sticker application
Ready stacks are removed by forklift truck
Stack width range 1.2 – 2.6 m, master panel length range 1.8 – 5 m
Manual or automatic longitudinal strapping with PE band
Bottom runner feeding together with crosswise strapping
Automatic adjustments according to packing pattern
Capacity up to 30 stacks/h with a conveying speed of up to 20 m/min.
Stack height at stacking up to 1.5 m, stack weight at stacking up to 10 t
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