PB, MDF, OSB and LVL board production
Customer benefits
Low sanding allowance due to the double-hinge infeed system
Low glue consumption due to Parallel Press Gap System
Offset-placed cylinders homogenize board’s surface
Optimal thickness tolerances due to proven CPS+ Thickness Control System
Thermal expansion compensation allows fast heating up and temperature changes during production due to movable frame system
Lifetime heating platen concept with separate protection plates
Technical features
Double-hinge infeed system for best de-aeration and fast simultaneous pressure and temperature buildup
Multipot cylinders for optimized edgewise de-aeration (standard for MDF) and pressure relief in case of emergency (option)
Motor-driven adjustment of rolling rods for optimized steel belt tracking
Thermo-active protection platen in infeed and high pressure zone accelerates heat transfer to the mat (option)
Speed range up to 2,500 mm/s
Finished board width 1.08 m up to 3.2m (3.5ft - 10ft)
Parallel Press Gap System
CPS+ thickness control with flexible setup for all board requirements
Release Agent Applicator to prevent the mat from sticking to the belts (option)
Docking of upgrades (e.g. preheating systems) prepared
Board thickness 1,0 – 60 mm
Typical width variation 0.6 m (2 ft)

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