HP-RTM with Preform Technology

More cost-effective and safer mass production of carbon fiber-reinforced components

Customer benefits

Greater efficiency through preform and sub-preform technology
More consistent quality, thanks to finishing unit
For components with excellent surface quality
Resin injection process with press and injection unit for higher dynamic strength
Up to 50% lighter than steel components

Making better use of materials – the PreformCenter with Sub-Preform

Flexible: Large and small series production possible – different products can be produced simultaneously on one line
Preform technology without stenter frame enables drastic reduction of waste
Better material utilization with short cycle times
Simple, programmable cutting technology


Simpler, fully automated pressing of three-dimensional sub-preforms into lightweight components
Modular design
Ideal for better reproducibility in series production

Saves time and material – the Dieffenbacher Nesting System

Conventional nesting process

Nesting with the Dieffenbacher Nesting Process

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