Process waste wood

Utilize raw material more profitably

Typical areas of application

Wood-based materials industry (particleboard, MDF)
Waste wood incineration plants
Pallet block plants
Recycling plants
Pellet plants

Utilize raw material more profitably

Reliable separation of a wide range of contaminants
Low wood losses for all particle sizes
Together with you we develop the optimum system solution for your individual requirements
System integration, construction management, installation and commissioning - worldwide
Highest cleaning efficiency
Extensive process knowledge of downstream production systems
Fully integrated recycling plant from one source
Project management and interface coordination

Customer benefits

Reduced raw material costs through the use of waste wood compared to virgin wood
More flexibility in wood purchasing
Increased sustainability


Different shredding technologies for pre- and post-shredding
Roller and tension shaft screens for accurate fractionation
Separators for ferrous and non-ferrous metals
Cleaning of smallest grain classes by means of classifier table
Separation and impurities by means of sensor-based sorting technology (X-ray and NIR)
Sorting of recycled wood chips into solid wood and wood-based materials
Separation of heavy impurities by means of ClassiCleaner (enrichment principle)
Separation of light impurities such as foils and fibers

Product highlights for more efficiency

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