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Project scope

Funded by the European Union as part of the European Framework Program for Research and Innovation “Horizon Europe”
The project partners want to develop solutions that replace up to 25% of the fresh wood fibers used to produce wood fiberboards with recycled secondary fibers
The project was launched in May 2022 and is scheduled to end in May 2026
The project aims to recycle wood fibers at the end of their life cycle and use them to produce new fiberboards, conserving fresh wood resources
Five pilot projects will also explore how recycled wood fibers can be used to produce new end products such as insulation materials and bio-composites
You can find more information under https://ecorefibre.eu/

Potential areas of application

In contrast to chipboard production, where substituting fresh wood with waste wood is already state of the art, fresh wood is still used almost exclusively to produce wood fiberboards.These materials can be made from recycled fibers:

Medium-density fiberboard (MDF)
High-density fiberboard (HDF)
Insulation boards

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