Power plant solutions from Dieffenbacher Energy

Using sustainable technologies to generate electricity and heat efficiently

Customized power plant technologies

Solid-fuel-fired power plants
Gas- and liquid-fuel-fired power plants
Industrial waste heat recovery

Fuels suitable for use in power plants by fuel type

Biogenic fuels and residues
- Wood, bark and waste wood (AI-AIV)
- Residual materials from landscape conservation
- Sawdust (supplementary firing)
- Lignin
- Chicken manure
- Agricultural waste
Waste fuels
- Paper rejects
- Paper sludge
- Plastic waste
- Sewage sludge (supplementary firing)
- Fuels from waste (RDF)
- Natural gas
- Hydrogen
- Waste gases
- Special gases
Liquid fuels
- Heating oil
- Heavy oils
- Light oil
- Liquid special fuels
- Liquid residues

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