Solid-fuel-fired power plants

Minimal emissions and high efficiency with advanced grate and fluidized bed technologies

Your benefits with solid-fuel-fired power plants from Dieffenbacher Energy

High flexibility in the fuel used
High plant availability
Customized concept development through comprehensive technological know-how
Compliance with emission limits with low fuel consumption
High flexibility with load change speeds during system operation
Optimized water-steam cycle

Performance parameters of our solid-fuel-fired power plants

Firing capacity
approx.. 20 to 120 MW thermal
Steam output
approx. 20 to 160t/h
Steam pressure
up to approx. 120 bar
Steam temperature
up to 520°C

Grate furnace

...for fuel particle sizes up to P200*

Bubbling fluidized bed

...for fuel particle sizes up to P100*

Boiler technology

Flue gas cleaning

...to comply with emission limits with low fuel consumption

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