Operational Excellence

Increase production efficiency with optimized processes

How CEBRO helps you achieve operational excellence
Improves Board Quality
• Knife Ring Maintenance Center: Improved flake quality
• New Air Grader PB: High product quality
• EVOjet M 2.0: Outstanding board surfaces
• New Forming Station PB: Premium board surface for direct printing and laminating
• EVOsteam: Excellent density profiles
Increases Output
• EVOsteam: Up to 20% increase in production capacity
• New Wireless STS: Up to 50% faster lift and transfer speeds and operation of more than one satellite wagon pair increase capacity
Saves Costs
• Knife Ring Maintenance Center: Wear based individual knife resharpening
• New Belt Dryer: Use of low-calorific energy from waste heat possible
• Dryer Emission Control System: Costs less than electrostatic filter
• New Air Grader PB: Modular design for low investment
• EVOjet M 2.0: Large resin savings
• New Forming Station PB: Less usage of raw material
• New Wireless STS: Reduced height of the structures reduces investment costs
• Emission Measurement: Uncomplicated in-house measurement
Supports Sustainability
• New Belt Dryer: Low thermal energy consumption
• Dryer Emission Control System: Low freshwater demand
• EVOjet M 2.0: Reduced dryer emissions
• New Forming Station PB: Reduced energy consumption
• New Wireless STS: Storage structure made with glulam beams decreases carbon footprint of the construction
• Emission Measurement: Correlation analysis of production parameters and emissions
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