Fibercut - Sheet Molding Compound Cutting and Stacking System

Automated production of sheet molding compound components

The Potential of Fibercut

How does Fibercut, the automated SMC cutting and stacking line work?

1. Unwinding of the SMC material
2. Cutting
3. Material feed
4. Stacking
5. Weight measurement of the SMC cuts
6. Press loading

Your benefits with Fibercut

Increased productivity in SMC component manufacturing due to fast cycle times thanks to automated cutting and stacking.
Maximum reproducibility of cut pattern and layer structure
Complex cut and placement pattern possible due to the use of robots
The time for SMC coil or festoon changes are reduced to a minimum by means of an optional quick-change system.
Consistent part quality thanks to inline weight measurement of blanks and automatic compensation.
Demand-oriented designed cutting systems, adapted to your production process

Fibercut - Cutting and Stacking System

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