E-Mobility: Composite plants

Help shape the future with future-proof components for electromobility

Applications for e-mobility
Exterior skin applications
Battery cases and box covers
Fuel cell components
Underbody shields
Shielding elements
Structural components
Products for e-mobility
LFT – Long Fiber Thermoplast
SMC – Cutting line
Tape laying system Tailored Blank Line
Challenges of the e-mobility industry
How can Dieffenbacher composite plants help meet the challenges of electromobility?
How can high capacity utilization be guaranteed in shift operation?
The e-mobility sector poses new challenges for the automotive industry. How can automotive suppliers manufacture according to the latest standards?
Your benefits with Dieffenbacher e-mobility solutions
High-quality machines and software
Completely automated solutions from a single source
Extensive experience in a wide range of industries
Smart digitalization solutions (predictive maintenance, anomaly detection, etc.)
Outstanding service
Fully comprehensive production lines
Continuous innovation through cooperation with leading research institutes

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