LFT-D compounding line

Material-friendly production of thermoplastic structural components

Two Extruder Technology
Your benefits with a LFT-D compounding line
More efficient and flexible LFT production with demand-oriented extruder pairs specially designed for the use of various thermoplastic materials.
Material-friendly, sustainable and efficient also through the use of recycled polymers and natural fibers.
Reduction of material usage and improved part quality thanks to the LFT-D servo die. The use of the servo-hydraulic nozzle ensures optimum flow behavior in the mold thanks to a pre-contoured LFT-D semi-finished product. The thickness of the material can be influenced specifically.
In combination with other processes such as the tailored blank technology, UD tapes can be used in a material-efficient and load-oriented manner. Components with demanding mechanical properties can be produced by back molding or hybrid solutions.
A fully automated concept including line control and product-specific recipe management.
Gentle incorporation of reinforcing fibers enables longer fiber contents and thus higher-quality components.

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