Sheet metal forming

Flexible machine concepts and customized solutions

Industrial applications from formed sheet metal
Automotive industry (e.g. doors, hoods, fenders)
Household appliance industry (e.g. sinks, heat exchanger plates)
Transportation industry
Aircraft industry (e.g. wings, fuselage)
Products for Industrial
Embossing press
Tryout Press
hydraulic press
The challenge of sheet metal forming
How can costs for expensive tooling be saved and short tool change times be made possible while maintaining component accuracy and reproducibility?
How can sheet metal forming of stainless steel be made more material-oriented?
Your benefits with Dieffenbacher lines
Presses with parallel holding function for high precision
Individual die change concepts
Completely automated solutions from planning through design + commissioning and beyond
Innovation driver through cooperation with leading research institutes
Hydraulic presses with integrated multi-point drawing system Multi-Point-Control (MPC)
High machine and software quality
High level of experience in a wide range of industries

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