LFT (Long Fiber Thermoplast)

More profitable production of lightweight components

Even more cost effective and flexible – the LFT-D (Long Fiber Thermoplastic Direct-molding) process

Customer benefits

Better economic efficiency and material flexibility through direct production of the semi-finished product
Improved productivity via shorter cycle times
Stronger and qualitatively more-consistent components, thanks to longer fibers and more homogeneous fiber distribution
Special control enables recipe changes during operation
Better recyclability, as granulates can either be extracted from the company’s own production process or purchased from other sources and brought in
Better strength properties and higher energy absorption capacity of the components, as recipes can be adjusted to suit specific products

Long Fiber Thermoplastic Direct-molding

Less weight due to local reinforcement – Advanced LFT-D

Fully automated concept for better series production
Less weight due to local reinforcement for structural and semi-structural applications
Better strength properties and higher absorption capacity

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