Sustainable solutions for the composites and metal industries

More sustainability for your forming processes

How CEBRO supports you on your path to greater sustainability:

Reduce energy consumption, emissions and costs
• EVORIS digitalization platform: Identify and reduce high energy consumption
• Short-stroke presses: Significant energy savings even with high pressing forces
• Adaptive accumulator management: Minimal energy consumption thanks to automatic determination of the exact energy demand
• Variable-speed pump drives: Reduce energy consumption
• LFT-D extruder with demand-driven heating management: Eliminates unnecessary energy consumption during waiting and downtime
Minimize material consumption and production waste
• EVORIS digitalization platform: Save raw materials with extensive diagnostic options
• SMC Fibercut: Nesting method and cutting geometries optimize material use
• SMC Fibercut: In-line weight measurement reduces waste while maintaining high component quality
• Fiberforge tape laying system: Minimal waste during the cutting process due to angled cutting
• Fiberforge tape laying system: Optimized material utilization through component-specific laying strategy and combination of different tape widths
Return material to the production process
• LFT-D plant: Production of components from recycled plastic
• LFT-D plant: In-line recycling of production waste
• Individual customer solutions in cooperation with our Recycling business unit

Discover our sustainable solutions for the composites and metal processing industries

EVORIS as a driving force for energy and material savings

Reduce energy costs with Dieffenbacher short-stroke presses

Optimize energy consumption with adaptive accumulator management

Reduce energy consumption with variable-speed pump drives

Demand-driven heating management for LFT-D extruders

SMC Fibercut with material-saving nesting method

Minimal waste with nesting and angle cutting with the Fiberforge

Plastics recycling with the Dieffenbacher LFT-D system

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