Process equipment and heat recovery systems

Increase performance and efficiency of your production plant through energy recovery

Your benefits with our energy recovery solutions

Suitable solutions worldwide thanks to modular design
Individual customer-oriented design and optimal layout
More sustainable energy generation with advanced technologies to reduce CO2 emissions
High system availability and efficiency
Optimal support thanks to comprehensive technological expertise

Working together to optimize energy recovery

The right energy recovery solution for your plant

20.000 to 500.000 Nm³ / h

for combustion gas flows per process apparatus or heat recovery section
Operating pressures:
10 to 360 bar

depending on the application 
Operating temperatures:
up to 650°C

for superheated steam, gas mixtures, air, etc.
Operating temperatures on the exhaust gas side:
up to 1.500°C

Areas of application for process equipment and heat recovery solutions

Hydrogen and carbon monoxide production plants
Ammonia and urea production plants
Methanol production plants
Sulfuric acid production plants
Acid and residue incineration plants
Sulfur recovery plants
Acid disposal plants
Petrochemical synthesis plants

Process equipment from Dieffenbacher Energy

Heat recovery systems from Dieffenbacher Energy

Technical applications

Horizontal or vertical arrangement for heat recovery sections
Air preheater in plate or tube design
Natural circulation for all evaporator systems
Piggyback design for fire tube evaporators
Inbore welding detail for process gas coolers
Superheated steam temperature control by means of quench or drum cooler
Refractory lining (concrete, bricks, ceramic fiber)
Cylindrical modules with overpressure in flue/process gas
Two-stage water/steam separation in steam drums
Internal bypass control devices

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