Operational Excellence for Forming Technology

Increase your competitiveness

More economical processes with CEBRO

Improve component quality
• SMC Fibercut: Realization of complex laying patterns
• Fiberforge: Precise laying of multiple layers; excellent, load-oriented component properties
• Fibercon: High-quality components
• LFT-D compounding system: Improved component quality thanks to constant fiber lengths and homogeneous fiber division due to pre-contouring of LFT-D strands
Increase output
• SMC-Fibercut: OEE improvements of up to 6% possible
• Fiberforge: Higher material throughput of up to 490 kg/h
• Fibercon: Shorter cycle times with simultaneous processing of multiple fabrics
Save costs and increase sustainability
• SMC Fibercut: Reduction in material usage and waste
• LFT-D compounding system: Use of recycled polymers and natural fibers are possible

Discover our solutions to improve operational excellence in the forming industry:

Advantages with CEBRO on the path to improving Operational Excellence:

Save costs through reduced time and material usage
Gain more flexibility in the production process thanks to customization options tailored to your needs
Benefit from long-lasting machines maintained by comprehensive services
Improve component quality through maximum precision in production
Increase output through efficient production processes

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