Microwave Preheater

PB, MDF, OSB and LVL board production
Customer benefits
Increase of production capacity, typically by up to 30%
No moisture added to the mat, thus preferred solution for HDF
Short installation time of about 10 days and short start-up time
Homogeneous preheating of the complete mat
Easy operation and process control
Technical features
Uniform position of magnetrons, each magnetron individually adjustable
Safe production due to absorbing chambers
Microwave power can be adjusted easily to throughput
Installed power 450 / 900 kW
Easy maintenance of the magnetron heads due to direct electric cabinets
Adjustable infeed and outfeed channels
Required length in forming line 7.5 to 10 m
Preheating power 360 / 720 kW
Microwave Preheater: Increase panel production throughput
Microwave Preheater: Increase panel production throughput
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