Mat forming for MDF, PB and OSB production

Customer benefits

Excellently narrow corridor on density crosswise
Lengthwise density deviation is significantly reduced
Low thickness tolerance allows reducing the sanding allowance
Extreme savings in raw material consumption
Improved quality and/or reduced raw material consumption
Adjustable edge-density

Technical features

Scalper lowers its height automatically relative to the mat’s height according to the recipe
Fully automatic adjustments of the segments or the complete scalper depending on the density deviations measured by the Dieffensor
Board thickness up to ca. 2.5 – 40 mm MDF, ca. 6 – 40 mm PB, ca. 6 – 38 mm OSB
Scalps in separate 100 mm wide segments over board’s whole width
Scalped material is returned to the forming bin (MDF: pneumatically; PB/OSB: mechanically)

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