Flash Tube Dryer


Drying of wood fibers for MDF, HDF and insulation boards

Customer benefits

High throughput of more than 60 t/h b.d. possible
Dryer and air grader from a single source, i.e. optimized investment and operational cost
Customized energy concepts
Automatic process control
Safe design according to high European standards
Up to 15% energy cost savings with an adjustable recirculation air operation
Technical features
Alternatively single or two stage dryers
Adjustable final moisture related to downstream processes (e.g., EVOjet M gluing)
Combined steel structure for both dryer and air grader
Pressure shock proof design according to ATEX directives
Explosion pressure relief by certified rupture discs
Interlocking sequence for all safety relevant alarms
Automatic spark detection and deluge systems
Stainless steel dryer duct (optional)
Efficient usage of various energy sources:
  • Mixing chambers for flue gases from grate firing system, gas turbine, boiler house and diesel generator
  • Burner systems for wood dust, natural gas, light or heavy oil
  • Heat exchangers for thermal oil, saturated steam and hot water
Exhaust gas for heat recovery:
  • From pneumatic transport systems
  • From EVOjet M system
Operating principle Flash Tube Dryer

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