Drum Dryer


Drying of Wood particles, e.g., sawdust, mini chips, recycling material for PB and pellet production
Drying of Strands and wafers for OSB production
Drying of Disintegrated seasonal annual crops and other biomass for a wide range of applications

Customer benefits

High capacity
Optimized drum using FEM
Low risk of fire and explosion
Optimized cyclone design
Internals designed according to material char-acteristics for high thermal efficiency and low moisture fluctuation
High standard of safety and reliability
Design acc. to ATEX directive 2014 / 34 / EU
3D modeling
Technical features
Fully integrated control of dryer and energy plant
Gear box with frequency-controlled main motor and backup motor for emergency case
Minimal air leakage due to proven seal technology
Dryer exhaust gas recovery
Fully integrated dryer deluge system
Heat sources for direct heating
Flue gases from
  • Gas, dust, light and/or heavy oil burner
  • Energy system (e.g., grate firing systems)
  • Turbine exhaust gas
  • Combination of heating systems mentioned above
Heat sources for indirect heating
  • Heat exchangers with steam or thermal oil

Capacities and Options:

PB and pellets: up to 100 t/h b.d. with evaporation rates of 80 t/h
Flue gas cleaning with refractory-lined hot gas cyclone to reduce wear in the drying system
Discharge box for gentle discharge of heavy and sensitive material
OSB: up to 60 t/h b.d. with evaporation rate of 60 t/h
Pre-dryer with heavy-part separation and second infeed for reject material

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