Better and faster consolidation of tailored blanks

Your benefits with Fibercon system

Higher component quality due to a vacuum that reduces air inclusions to a minimum
Wide range of applications, thanks to high-temperature materials (up to 400°C)
Porosities < 1% achievable
Shorter cycle times, due to simultaneous processing of several layups
Flexible in the contour of the scrim
Perfect fiber alignment, no squeeze flow and no fiber ondulations

Consolidation with Fibercon – high consolidation quality for exceptional material properties

Technical data Fibercon

Fibercon with Flex Option

Your benefits with the Fibercon flex option

Temperature range of up to 250 °C enables ideal consolidation for all PP and PA6 applications, regardless of the fiber type used.
Optimal energy consumption due to sequential heating time (in contrast to permanently heated laminating presses)
Insert integration (e.g. metals) possible
Significantly higher consolidation quality compared to consolidation with laminating presses, as thickness variations in the part are preserved and neither squeeze flow nor fiber ondulation occur
Maximum flexibility as one foil insert can be configured per station (Fibercon is delivered with three stations)

Technical datea Fibercon with flex option

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