New Wireless STS

More efficient board storage

Medium-density fiberboard
Oriented strand board
Laminated veneer lumber
Wood fiber insulation board
New Wireless STS Benefits
Satellite wagons can operate independently from the main wagon
Satellite wagons transfer data wirelessly and can be powered without cable drums, ensuring high uptime
Higher maximum loads and up to 50% faster lift and transfer speeds
Storage structure made with glulam beams gives good support to stacks and decreases carbon footprint of the construction
Fully automated to avoid manual operations
More flexibility and increased capacity because main wagon is free for other tasks, e.g., fetching the next stack, while satellite wagons move the stack
Unlimited length of the storage for better use of the building area
Operation of more than one satellite wagon pair increases capacity
Reduced height of the structures reduces investment costs
How the new Wireless STS helps you achieve operational excellence
Increases output
Saves costs
Supports sustainability
New Wireless STS Projects
New Wireless STS Webinar
New Wireless STS Video
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