MAIER Rotor Debarker


OSB boards
Panel boards (PB, MDF)
Pellets and briquettes
Pulp and paper

Customer benefits

Highly efficient debarking due to interaction between rotation, friction and surface moistening of logs
Precise control of debarking process and processing quantities
High machine availability
Constant high capacity: up to 70 t/h b.d.
Fully automatic operation

Technical features

Hydraulically adjustable, stepless closing gate for the control of processing material quantities and regulation of the debarking quality
The debarking tools (cams) are screwed and individually exchangeable
Central hydraulic unit for all drives and functions of the debarker
Speed of each rotor variable and individually adjustable
Water spray system for the reduction and suppression of dust, as well as cleaning and moistening the logs for better sliding
Two or four one-piece rotors, according to machine size
Technical drawing Rotor Debarker

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