Knife Ring Flaker

Pellets and briquettes
Customer benefits
Optimized homogenous use of the complete knife ring width and circumference due to unique FlowOptimizer
Customized machine executions for special applications (e.g., low density or homogenous boards) and different wood species (e.g., soft wood)
Essential parts of the machine wear-protected and easily exchangeable; high machine availability
Constant uniform high-quality flakes, thickness from 0.3 mm, adjustable
Energy-efficient flaking with 12 – 20 kWh/t b.d.
High-quality boards with optimum mechanical and optical properties
Technical features
Optimized cutting conditions due to narrow gap between static exactly centered knife ring and rotor with precise bearing system, operating on one-shaft principle
Different knife ring and rotor designs possible; cutting speed from 45 up to 110 m / sec
MSA Automatic Knife Ring Grinding System and MRM Knife Ring Cleaning Machine for efficient maintenance available
Improved knife ring design: optimized number of knives, free flake discharge channel, minimized number of wear parts
Unique FlowOptimizer technology for improved 3D material distribution
Technical drawing Knife Ring Flaker

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