Pellets and briquettes
Biomass and renewable fuels (e.g., substrates for biogas production)
Dust for combustion (energy and heat generation)
Recycling (wood and non-wood
Refuse-derived fuel (RDF)

Customer benefits

Input material ranging from small wooden particles to offcuts
Variable particle size and geometry of final material due to use of screens with different mesh sizes
Easy maintenance due to direct access to the impact chamber
Feeding of inhomogeneous material mix possible
Energy-efficient size reduction due to impact technology (high kinetic energy)
Essential parts of the machine wear protected and easy exchangeable

Technical features

Polygonal design of the impact chamber with wear-resistant flat screens for optimal impact effect, easy exchange of individual screen segments
Different drive concepts (direct drive, drive via gear box), according to the application
Stand-alone unit; on-floor installation
Rotor with impact elements; different adjusting angle and shape of impact elements depending on application
Fulfillment of ATEX requirements due to different safety concepts (Q-boxes or explosion vans)
Technical drawing ClassiSizer

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