Wood-based panel industry (MDF, particleboard, OSB)

Customer benefits

Up to 20 % increase in production capacity
Compensation for reduced press speed when using low-emission glue
High-efficiency production increase, especially when producing lightweight boards with low heat transfer in the hot press
Even better density profiles can be achieved by setting each zone to a specified amount of steam
Long lifetime of the mesh belts
Fast assembly and start-up due to completely preassembled top and bottom units
No hydraulic unit needed

Technical features

Steam distribution platens heated by thermal oil
Width adjustment by activating or deactivating different edge zones of the steam outlet platen
A force sensor plate controls the contact force with which the upper steam distribution platen rests on the mat
Distance controlled, the upper steam distribution platen can also be positioned slightly lifted from the mat
Typical steam consumption 1 to 2 tons/h
Sensitive electrical belt tensioning and belt travel control
Reliable belt cleaning and drying system

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