MDF/HDF panel industry
Applicable for UF and/or MUF resin

Customer benefits

Resin savings up to 15% compared to conventional blow line
Low energy consumption in dryer due to low water load
Can be integrated into existing systems at any time
High board quality due to less resin spots on board surface
Optimized engineering for blow line routing

Technical features

Each nozzle is individually controlled and adjusted by a compact linear motor for a uniform spray pattern
Linear drives and sensors with intelligent IO-Link technology
Resin and steam pressure can be set via a HMI screen and can be adjusted automatically
Each resin nozzle can be flushed individually with fresh water and a high pressure unit during production
Steam atomizing nozzles create small resin droplets
The quantity of nozzles can be extended modularly to increase capacity
Separate pMDI injection closer to the dryer pipe available
PROjet nozzle

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