Energy Systems


For combustion of fresh biomass and wood waste
To provide hot gas for dryers, heat thermal oil and generate steam
Use of fuel quality range of up to 150% b.d. moisture (60 wt. %)

Customer benefits

Process and design engineering of energy and dryer package from one source: less interfaces
Reduced operating costs: minimum staff required due to fully automated operation controls of the energy system and its integration into the panel line control infrastructure
High availability and reliable operation: Robust design and low maintenance requirements allow a long operation period without forced shutdown
High efficiency and flexibility: Design allows fast load change response to meet individual interface requirements of hot gas and thermal oil consumers during product change period and variation of raw materials

Technical features

Grate combustion capacity of up to 85 MW
Injection of almost any other fuel into the combustion chamber
Thermal oil heater size of up to 45 MW
Steam generation via flue gas or thermal oil
Integration of controls into one comprehensive automation system
Optional 24/7 online support and remote control
1) Thermal oil heater 2) Fuel feeding hopper 3) Grate and dust combustion system 4) Hot gas cyclone 5) Drum internals for OSB strands 6) Drum internals for particles 7) Cyclone battery 8) Trunnion rings, assemblies and drive
1) Thermal oil heater – With or without radiation heater. Usable with mineral and synthetic heat transfer fluids, meeting a broad range of process requirements
2) Fuel feeding hopper – Homogenization and even distribution of grate fuel for optimum combustion performance and operation control
3) Grate and dust combustion system – Broad fuel quality and operating flexibility help to meet the demands of various heat consumers
4) Hot gas cyclone – For ash separation in the hot gas flow up to 950°C. Optimized fluid dynamics (CFD analysis) to improve separation efficiency
5) Drum internals for OSB strands – for energy-efficient drying and homogeneous moisture
6) Drum internals for particless – for energy-efficient drying and homogeneous moisture
7) Cyclone battery – Optimized by using the fluid dynamics (CFD analysis to improve separation efficiency and pressure loss
8) Trunnion rings, assemblies and drive – Heavy-duty, reliable design for long-life operation with VFD-controlled main drive and auxiliary drive for backup operation

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