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DIEFFENBACHER presents holistic smart plant concept at LIGNA.Innovation Network

While COVID-19 forced the cancellation of the physical LIGNA 2021 event, it hasn’t stopped innovation or the need for industry networking. Complete wood-based panel plant manufacturer DIEFFENBACHER will take full advantage of the new LIGNA.Innovation Network, a digital event from September 27 to 29, to introduce a smart plant concept that will help manufacturers accelerate their success.

Called CEBRO, the holistic smart plant concept combines digitalization and advanced plant engineering solutions with operational excellence and sustainability initiatives.

The new digitalization platform EVORIS is one pillar of CEBRO. Based on standardized interfaces that collect and process sensor and actuator data—including camera footage—EVORIS gives manufacturers more insight into their production and processes. AI-supported analysis of live data is just one tool EVORIS uses to help plant operators better understand and control their plants and make important decisions more quickly.

EVORIS is an open system and browser based. With its modular app structure design, EVORIS is easily extendable and updateable. All apps use a modern, intuitive interface and can be securely operated from any mobile or desktop device within a plant’s network.

One key app is “Anomaly Detection.” It uses artificial intelligence to immediately detect deviations from automatically defined target values for important plant parameters. This enables plant operators to react quickly to anomalies and prevent potential errors before they occur, thereby maximizing plant availability. Another app is “Quality Prediction.” This self-learning system steadily predicts specific board quality parameters during production to help operators easily spot irregularities and take countermeasures to reduce waste, save resources and increase productivity.

CEBRO’s advanced plant engineering solutions, meanwhile, help customers create smart synergies within a plant. Intelligent heat recovery concepts, including reusing heat from the press and dryer exhaust air elsewhere in the production process, are just one of many ideas to reduce energy costs and emissions and increase profit.

To help manufacturers achieve operational excellence, CEBRO uses optimized processes and innovative technologies. Examples include a new forming station for particleboard production that improves board quality through increased spreading accuracy; the EVOsteam steam preheater, which increases capacity by up to 20%; and the new Emission Measurement service, which fosters better understanding of actual emission flows and their reduction possibilities to make processes more sustainable and less costly.

CEBRO also helps manufacturers find the right balance between economic and sustainability goals to build a better future for business and the environment. Wood recycling solutions, which help free manufacturers from dependence on fresh wood supplies, are one way that DIEFFENBACHER supports economic success and sustainability. Others include smart environmental and new energy-generation technologies that save costs, cut emissions and reduce a plant’s carbon footprint.

Digitalization, advanced plant engineering solutions, operational excellence and sustainability initiatives are the four pillars of CEBRO. As a complete plant supplier, DIEFFENBACHER is committed to providing customers with the best possible support in all four areas. This holistic approach makes a CEBRO plant a truly smart one.