DIEFFENBACHER acquires renowned Austrian company BERTSCHenergy

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Power plant manufacturer ideally complements solutions-based portfolio

On January 1, DIEFFENBACHER expanded its portfolio of solutions by acquiring the know-how and key assets of BERTSCHenergy, based in Bludenz, Western Austria, through the newly formed DIEFFENBACHER Energy GmbH subsidiary. The acquisition accelerates DIEFFENBACHER’s ability to support its customers while helping to shape Europe’s rapidly evolving energy future.

DIEFFENBACHER’s increased portfolio will include fluidized bed combustion systems for solid fuels (e.g. biomass), gas and steam turbines for power and steam production, and industrial waste heat systems. In addition, the acquisition further extends DIEFFENBACHER’s long-time use of conventional grate firing in energy systems.  

“The know-how of employees and BERTSCHenergy’s advanced technologies are an excellent fit with the strategic orientation of our company. They are a perfect complement for our Wood and Recycling business units,” said CEO Christian Dieffenbacher. “DIEFFENBACHER will continue to use the existing company headquarters in Bludenz (province of Vorarlberg), maintain the existing product portfolio and plans to take on all 150 employees. We will continue to develop the site with an emphasis on sustainability and reliability to reinforce to both customers and employees our long-term perspective,” he added.

BERTSCHenergy and DIEFFENBACHER operate in some of the same markets and have successfully implemented customer projects together in the past. Measures to integrate BERTSCHenergy employees into DIEFFENBACHER and assure the transition of ongoing customer projects are to be completed in January.

“BERTSCHenergy and DIEFFENBACHER are both family businesses with a similar spirit. We very much look forward to working with our new employees and to our shared future,” Christian Dieffenbacher concluded.