Reports delivers comprehensive production reports for better decisions and a quick overview of your production performance.

Your benefits with Reports
Quick and better decision making
Optimized panel quality
Customized solutions available
Easier downtime analysis and management
Improved production performance
Raw material and energy savings
Explore the Reports features
Comprehensive production reports – for batches and different time periods
Reports maps production data by production batches or different time periods like shift, day, week and month.
Preconfigured reporting templates
Reports provides a set of predefined reporting templates. This allows you to see and track your production’s key performance indicators.
Laboratory reports
Get reports for your laboratory samples. Process data can be linked to respective quality data captured from samples. To enable an automated import of lab data results, we provide you with the respective interface.
Downtime analysis and plant availability reports
Reports helps you analyze downtimes. Note and save reasons leading to downtime for more comprehensive downtime management. Plant availability reports define your Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) based on various variables.
Live stream and export function
Need to share or dive deeper into your production data? All reported data is available for export to external applications (e.g., Excel and PDF) and as a live stream.
Individual Reports Customization
How Reports help you achieve smart production
Improves board quality
Reduces downtime
Increases output

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