Quality Prediction

The EVORIS Quality Prediction app supports the ideal board quality.

Your benefits with Quality Prediction
Improved board quality and higher output through product optimization
Saving of raw materials like glue, wood and energy
Increased sustainability of production
Automatic system adaptation to changing production conditions and products
Time saving through automatic import of laboratory data (manual laboratory data input is eliminated)
Higher production speed
Reduces rejects
Accurate and self-learning real-time prediction of board quality parameters
Early detection of quality deviations and faster error detection
Company-wide access to the EVORIS platform and data at any time - even mobile

Quality Prediction Impressions

Explore the Quality Prediction app features
Live quality prediction for quality parameters
For quality parameters such as bending strength and internal bond, Quality Prediction combines production data and laboratory data. The system continuously calculates the quality characteristics of the production.
Self-learning AI model for increasingly accurate quality predictions based on lab data
The self-learning system optimizes itself independently as more lab data flows into the Quality Prediction app. The result is an increasingly accurate quality prediction. In addition, the trained models automatically adapt to changing production conditions and products.
Exclusion option of non-representative laboratory data
To avoid influencing the accuracy of the quality prediction, you can exclude non-representative laboratory data.
Intuitive and clear user interface
Several quality parameters can be displayed via the app’s intuitive user interface. The predicted values for the quality parameters are shown along with the lab results. Different views with zoom and scroll functions provide the information you need.
Warnings and alarms for quality deviations
Define product-specific warning and alarm limits to receive early warnings as soon as limit values are undershot or exceeded. This allows you to intervene quickly in the event of quality deviations and initiate corrections to avoid rejects.
Include lower tolerances
Quality prediction accuracy enables you to work with lower tolerances and move closer to quality limits to save raw materials and increase productivity.
Watch the Quality Prediction video
Partnership with Fraunhofer IOSB
How Quality Prediction helps you achieve smart production
Improves board quality
Reduces downtime
Increases production speed
Increases output
Saves resources

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