Anomaly Detection

The EVORIS Anomaly Detection app leads to higher plant availability.

Your benefits with Anomaly Detection
Fewer or shorter production downtimes
Fast and accurate error identification
Better plannability of preventive maintenance measures
Automatic definition of limit values and calculation of anomalies
Monitoring of desired production parameters and machines or components
Early detection of production deviations
Proactive and fast error correction
Easier shift handovers due to more transparency
Avoidance of repeated errors through visibility of regularly occurring anomalies
Company-wide access to the EVORIS platform and data at any time - even mobile

Anomaly Detection Impressions

Explore the Anomaly Detection app features
AI-based anomaly detection
Anomaly detection takes advantage of artificial intelligence and machine learning. Developed together with the Fraunhofer Institute of Optronics, System Technologies and Image Exploitation IOSB, our technology automatically recognizes target values for relevant production parameters after a short learning phase. Anomaly detection measures and calculates deviations from normal production.
Live data on anomalies
Production-relevant parameters such as pressures, temperatures, glue quantity, production speed and moisture are constantly monitored by the anomaly detection system, and deviations are calculated. Deviations from the normal state of production become directly visible. As a result, plant operators can quickly detect a parameter violation at an early stage. With this information, they can check the anomaly quickly and accurately and initiate error corrections to prevent production downtimes or shorten them.
Performance monitoring of components and machines
In addition to quality-relevant production parameters, your machines and components can also be included in anomaly detection in order to monitor their performance.
Historical anomaly data
In addition to live data, you can also view historical anomalies. Production history becomes more transparent and can be analyzed retrospectively. This facilitates, for example, shift handovers and the detection of reoccurring errors.
Modern user interface
Via the app’s intuitive user interface, you’ll quickly see when limit values are exceeded or undershot. To identify the originators of anomalies, you can view detailed information on each anomaly. An overview displays the most striking deviations to help you prioritize potential issues.
Live view of anomalies
Anomaly history
Watch the Anomaly Detection video
Partnership with Fraunhofer IOSB
How Anomaly Detection helps you achieve smart production
Improves board quality
Reduces downtime
Reduces rejects
Saves resources

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