Panel board industry (PB, MDF)
Recycling plants
Pellet plants
Biomass and renewable energy plants

Customer benefits

Efficient impurities separation (incl. plastics) – maximum wood and biomass yield
Low energy consumption, low emissions
Minimum dynamic loads, light foundations
Less wear of flaking tools, cyclones, ducting, cutting blades, etc.
Compact design with integrated screening and cleaning

Technical features

ClassiRolls with different patterns, gaps and rotation speed enable effective screening according to screening process requirements
Collection of different fractions under the screen rolls
Removal of foils with suction from the roller bed
FE and non-ferrous separators and optical sorting
Sensor-based sorting
Cleaning of impurities enriched material mix
Total cleaning efficiency up to > 90% and wood yield up to > 99%
Capacity range 10 – 60 t/h b.d.

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