EVOjet M 2.0


MDF/HDF panel industry
Wood fiber insulation industry
All kinds of resin

Customer benefits

Superior fiber/resin contact
Reduced emissions out of the dryer
Less pre-curing of the resin
Resin savings up to 25% compared to conventional blow line
Proven flow technology for minimum cleaning

Technical features

Two fast-rotating spike rollers ensure a high-quality board surface
Externally arranged nozzles atomize the resin into defined droplets size
Visual online monitoring of the process through inspection window
Easy access through inspection doors and hatches
Dissolved fiber flow is sprayed with glue
Fully automatic self-cleaning of the nozzles without interrupting the production
Protection air prevents sticking in the system for minimum cleaning effort
System capacity up to 48 t/h b.d. of fiber with a single EVOjet M 2.0

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