Forming Station OSB


Mat laying for OSB / OSL board pressing

Customer benefits

High board quality due to superb strand orientation
Very low area weight deviation, both lengthwise and crosswise, due to individual weight control of each layer
Optimized weight control loops for fast production starts and changes
Excellent strand orientation, both lengthwise and crosswise, due to automatic height control of the spreading heads
Modular types of spreading heads for all kinds of material (length 40 to 250 mm)

Technical features

Variable ratio between surface and core layer material
Unseparated or separated core layer former
Cross belt to separate and reject glue lumps in surface layer
Individual weight control of each layer with mat scales integrated into either the bin or the forming line
Separate automatic height adjustment of each forming head
Best forming accuracy crosswise with optional Formator
Example: OSB Combi-Head Forming, Capacity up to 800 m³/day
Example: OSB Forming, Capacity up to 2,000 m³/day

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