Reciprocating grate


Combustion of wooden fuel

Customer benefits

Thorough fuel burn-off
Potential as required, possible with grate size from 16 m² to 120 m²
Several inspection openings for easy maintenance and inspection
For wet wood chips and bark with a wide range of moisture content of up to 150 % b.d. (60 % wt.)
Suitable for hot recirculated flue gas under the grate
Patented grate bar design allows simple replacement of individual grate bars

Technical features

Frame system as welded, robust construction to support complete grate layer
Drive frame system for forward and back stroke of grate bars
Stiffened sheet metal partition walls to separate the independent air-tight air zones under the grate
Lateral sheet metal covering
Complete grate layer, consisting of fixed and moving, exchangeable grate bars made from chromium casting
Reciprocating grate
Grate bars

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