Ziegler Group starts wood fiber insulation board production on new DIEFFENBACHER plant after less than one year of construction time

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First board at new site in Grafenwöhr was produced on August 30, 2022

A complete wood fiber insulation board (WFIB) plant provided by Eppingen-based DIEFFENBACHER for Bavarian Ziegler Group’s Grafenwöhr site is up and running less than one year after construction began. The line for rigid WFIB began production on August 30, 2022. Ziegler Group placed its order with DIEFFENBACHER on April 1, 2021. Despite a change of location at short notice from Bärnau, 50 km west to Grafenwöhr, construction of the new plant began just five months later, on September 1, 2021.

“We are very pleased that our new DIEFFENBACHER WFIB plant had such a rapid and successful start,” explains Andreas Sandner, Commercial Managing Director at Ziegler Group. DIEFFENBACHER’s scope of supply for the complete plant included a fiber dryer, EVOjet M 2.0 gluing system, the forming station and forming line with prepress, a CSS Continuous Steam Press System, the raw board handling system, electrics and automation and the MyDIEFFENBACHER digital service platform.

“We never would have been able to achieve this record-breaking construction and completion time without the full cooperation of our partners, in this case, especially DIEFFENBACHER. The change of location and the procurement crisis during the pandemic made this feat all the more remarkable,” says Sandner. “Our thanks go to the entire DIEFFENBACHER team, which overcame huge challenges to meet our requirements for product quality and energy efficiency.”

In addition to the WFIB plant just completed, Ziegler Group commissioned DIEFFENBACHER to supply another fiber dryer for flexible insulation mat production at the Grafenwöhr site. Construction began in June. The 10-tonne-per-hour capacity dryer is scheduled to go into operation in October 2022.