‘The communication of the future’

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Two DIEFFENBACHER partners share their views on MyMessenger

Introduced at Ligna 2019 in Hannover, DIEFFENBACHER’s MyMessenger ticket and messaging app has proven its benefits for customers from the wood-based panels and composites industries for two years. Sukanya Huangdee, Project Coordinator and Logistic Officer at Thai fiberboard producer SKN, and Django Ornek, Head of Technical Department and Process Engineering at Polytec Composites NL in Roosendaal, Netherlands, use MyMessenger and report about their experiences with the app.

“I use MyMessenger at least once a week. It’s unbureaucratic and informal, and that makes communicating through the app fast and easy,” says Ornek. “We all get way too many emails every day, and it takes so much time to discuss things by email. In my opinion, email should only be for formal communication such as requests for quotations, cost discussions and information about important decisions. For everything else, it’s more efficient to communicate in an informal way, as we do with MyMessenger. That’s the communication of the future.”

Huangdee agrees. “For troubleshooting—which we mainly use MyMessenger for—it’s so much more convenient than email,” she says. “If we have a problem, we just open a ticket. We no longer have to think about whom to contact for which kind of problem, because all the DIEFFENBACHER experts can see the ticket and they will choose the right one to support us. I immediately see that somebody takes responsibility for the ticket and I get feedback right away. MyMessenger helps us solve urgent problems very quickly.”

An SKN real-life example shows how MyMessenger taps expertise at DIEFFENBACHER’s headquarters in Germany and at local offices around the world. “We had some issues with a gearbox at the diagonal saw, so I opened a ticket, described the situation and added pictures and a video,” Huangdee explains. “The regional service team at DIEFFENBACHER Asia Pacific in Kuala Lumpur took over the ticket and also included a technical engineer from DIEFFENBACHER Finland whose advice ultimately helped us solve the problem.”

In contrast, at Polytec, Ornek uses MyMessenger for planned projects such as machine repairs or modifications rather than troubleshooting. “Everybody at DIEFFENBACHER and Polytec knows the status of the project at any time. Short questions and answers are exchanged within minutes and if unforeseen issues occur they are addressed immediately,” he says. “Communication improves a lot through the app. I strongly believe that some of our past projects wouldn’t have run as smoothly without MyMessenger. What’s more, I also believe that communication via MyMessenger is friendlier due to its informal character. The app has a positive impact on our cooperation and strengthens our partnership with DIEFFENBACHER.”

Ornek sees additional potential for the app. “MyMessenger is also a great documentation tool. You can always review past tickets and learn from problems that have already been solved. I would like to expand that. I think of the regular meetings we have with DIEFFENBACHER every quarter. Wouldn’t it be great to have everything that’s discussed in these meetings and every other aspect of our cooperation included in MyMessenger? That would give us the perfect overview of all topics and their current status.”

DIEFFENBACHER’s MyMessenger is a combination of ticket system and messaging application for smartphones, tablets and desktops. Service cases can be quickly processed and documented, with users communicating with each other in the same app. Pictures, videos and documents can be exchanged to facilitate documentation and understanding. Another advantage: Users write in their native language and let the app take care of the translation. MyMessenger is available for every new and existing DIEFFENBACHER plant.