Hydraulic forming presses and complete press lines from DIEFFENBACHER at EuroBLECH 2022

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Advanced system solutions for metal forming in hall 15, booth G06

At EuroBLECH in Hannover, October 25 to 28, Eppingen-based machine and plant manufacturer DIEFFENBACHER will present advanced system solutions for metal forming at the booth co-hosted by the Wirtschaftsförderung Heilbronn-Franken in hall 15, booth G06.

With flexible machine concepts and customized complete plant solutions—even for niche applications—DIEFFENBACHER supports its partners from the metal industry in project phases ranging from planning new press shops to integrating forming lines into existing structures. DIEFFENBACHER’s smart concepts for saving energy and increasing material efficiency contribute to making production processes more sustainable.

On Friday, October 28 at 10:45 a.m., Georg Obermaier, Head of the Forming Business Unit at DIEFFENBACHER, will present DIEFFENBACHER’s new manufacturer-independent digitalization platform EVORIS in a half-hour talk at the EuroBLECH Presentation Area (hall 26, booth L60). EVORIS helps plant operators better understand and control their production and manufacturing processes by means of AI-supported analysis of live data. This allows important decisions to be made more quickly.

“EVORIS is an open and browser-based system. With its modular app structure, it is easily extendable and updateable. EVORIS apps use a modern, intuitive interface and can be securely operated from any mobile or desktop device within a plant’s network,” says Obermaier. “Based on standardized interfaces, EVORIS collects and processes machine data at a central point. From there, the EVORIS apps are fed relevant data to provide manufacturers with deep insights into their production processes via powerful trending tools and various reporting possibilities.”

At EuroBLECH, DIEFFENBACHER will also present fully automated, efficient and flexible hydraulic press lines for sheet metal forming and the production of quality parts made of stainless steel. Parts such as household sinks, for example, can be produced with short cycle times, low scrap rates and outstanding quality features. The innovative integrated multi-point drawing system Multi-Point-Control (MPC) allows the production of complex geometries through targeted control of the material flow for maximum design freedom.

With its embossing press, DIEFFENBACHER offers a high-performance complete system for stamping plates for stainless steel heat exchangers that meets the high demands for accurate embossing depth. DIEFFENBACHER’s know-how ranges from the high-performance press to feeding and removal equipment to tools and their tool-changing systems. The result is an optimal overall concept and fewer interfaces.

The TailoredPress completes DIEFFENBACHER’s metal forming portfolio. This economical all-rounder with a highly attractive price-performance ratio offers press forces from 1,600 to 10,000 kN. In combination with EVORIS, the powerful TailoredPress guarantees economical production. Intelligent drive technology and demand-oriented servo drives ensure low energy consumption.

“Visitors to EuroBLECH can look forward to a highly motivated DIEFFENBACHER team eager to learn about their challenges and needs,” says Obermaier. “Working together as partners, we will find the appropriate solutions in each case. Always true to our motto: Move forward. Together.”