Greenpanel buys third DIEFFENBACHER MDF plant

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Indian MDF pioneer to install new CEBRO thin-board line in Routhusuramala, Andhra Pradesh

India’s largest MDF manufacturer, Greenpanel Industries Ltd., has ordered its third MDF plant from DIEFFENBACHER. The new thin-board line based on DIEFFENBACHER’s smart plant concept CEBRO will be added in Routhusuramala, Andhra Pradesh. That’s the same site where Greenpanel commissioned a DIEFFENBACHER MDF line with a 56-meter-long CPS, the longest continuous press in Asia, in 2018. The two companies’ first project, an MDF plant that started up in 2010, pioneered the Indian MDF market with the first continuous wood-based panel plant on the subcontinent.  

“Over the last two years, we have increased our MDF production capacity from 500,000 to 660,000 m³, but the demand for our premium-quality boards produced with DIEFFENBACHER technology is still growing significantly,” said Shobhan Mittal, Managing Director and CEO of Greenpanel. “Because our experience with our first two DIEFFENBACHER MDF plants was so positive, there was no question that we would order our third plant from DIEFFENBACHER. The CEBRO smart plant concept was another factor that made the decision very easy.”

The new CEBRO line, scheduled to go into operation in summer 2024, will include a DIEFFENBACHER fiber dryer, air grader, forming station and forming line, a CPS+ continuous press system including Press Emission Control System, the raw board handling system and the new Wireless STS raw board storage system. DIEFFENBACHER’s scope of supply also includes the digital service platform MyDIEFFENBACHER and EVORIS, DIEFFENBACHER’s new plant digitalization solution.

“EVORIS is a great tool that will help us make even better decisions in the shortest possible time,” said Mittal. “That’s why we decided not only to use it in our new line but also to add EVORIS to our existing MDF line in Routhusuramala,” he concluded.