EVORIS Digital Platform

Lay the foundation for a flexible and efficient digitalization of your press system or plant with EVORIS.

Your benefits with the EVORIS Platform

Digitalization of the entire plant or press systems, regardless of manufacturer
Easy operation through intuitive and modern user interface
Better and faster error identification due to camera integration
Time saving and better overview through individually designed and saved dashboards
Easier daily routines through helpful widgets and iba-specific additional functions
Simple and flexible expansion of functions through apps
Accurate, fast, easy-to-understand evaluations
Company-wide access to the EVORIS platform and data at any time - even mobile
Reduces operating errors thanks to multilingual EVORIS dashboard
Broad acceptance and full EVORIS know-how thanks to comprehensive trainings

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Explore the EVORIS Platform features

Comprehensive process connectivity through standardized interfaces
As the foundation of the EVORIS platform, the iba system enables comprehensive process connectivity across the entire plant. This means that, independent of the manufacturer, machines and plant components and systems can be easily connected via standardized interfaces. The iba database accepts and processes data from all commercially available actuators and sensors. This allows the connection of common control systems, third-party systems, communication channels, and ERP and cloud systems. The system solution can be used for new plants as well as for modernizations and retrofits.
Central data acquisition and storage
Thanks to comprehensive process connectivity, production data from your entire plant is collected and stored in a central database. Any number of sensors, actuators or process parameters can be integrated. The various EVORIS apps, which you can open from the EVORIS Start Center, access the central database and process the production data.
Camera integration for live recording and evaluation of video and image signals
The iba system supports camera integration. You can record video and image signals from cameras and evaluate them simultaneously. The recorded camera images help you better understand measured values and identify and eliminate errors faster. You can also better evaluate past production processes, e.g., after shift changes.
Individual design of the scope of functions and simple expansion of functions through apps
The EVORIS Start Center is based on a modular design. This allows you to expand the functional scope of your EVORIS solution with apps touching everything from Anomaly Detection to Curve Analysis to Component History. In addition to these apps and others to come, you can make use of iba tools such as event-based evaluations, data evaluations with calculation function and offline analysis.
Company-wide secure access from all devices - even mobile
The browser-based EVORIS Start Center allows you to securely access EVORIS from anywhere within your corporate network, whether from computers or mobile devices. This enables you to view production analyses and evaluations anywhere and react quickly. Software installation on individual devices or the use of cloud technologies isn’t required.
Start Center and apps in modern and user-friendly design
The multilingual EVORIS Start Center and the EVORIS apps have a modern and user-friendly interface, simplifying your daily operations and helping to avoid operating errors.
Individually configurable dashboards and needs-based views
The EVORIS Start Center can be individually designed and optimized to the needs of each operator. This makes error detection faster. You can choose exactly the apps needed for your evaluations and analyses. Furthermore, you can display production and measurement data either compressed to the KPIs, or you can dive into detailed views that provide deep insights.
Storage of configured dashboards
Individually configured dashboards can be saved in the EVORIS Start Center, making it easy for different operators to access the EVORIS solutions. With just one click, an operator’s individual dashboard is available, which is especially helpful at shift changes.
Regular updates, further development and new apps
Regular updates to EVORIS help you benefit from better performance, new functions and security enhancements. Because new apps are continuously added to EVORIS, you can easily and conveniently expand your digitalization platform. EVORIS widgets such as calculators, weather apps, etc., simplify your daily routines.
Support and training
To help you get started with our digitalization solution, we design and implement it together with you, and provide comprehensive training. Our team is ready to answer questions and support you at any time. Our goal is to help you exploit the full potential of plant digitalization through broad acceptance of the solution and full EVORIS know-how.

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How the EVORIS Platform helps you achieve smart production

Saves costs
Enables comprehensive plant connectivity
Allows central data storage and processing
Provides a flexible modular system

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