Curve Analysis

Rely on the EVORIS Curve Analysis app for fast and accurate error identification.

Your benefits with Curve Analysis

Fewer or shorter unplanned downtimes/machine repairs (OEE)
Recognize complex correlations in the production process
Accurate, understandable and fast evaluations and error detection
Avoid repetitive errors
Accelerate decisions with saved individual curve analyses that can be shared and viewed together
Company-wide access to the EVORIS platform and data at any time - even mobile

Curve Analysis Impressions

Explore the Curve Analysis app features

Curve analysis for measurement data
The Curve Analysis app clearly depicts all plant-wide measurement data in curve progressions. This enables you to evaluate the production data accurately and comprehensively in an intuitive user interface.
Correlation option of measurement curves
In the Curve Analysis app, you can visually “superimpose” different measurement curves to quickly and easily recognize correlations between process parameters and data from sensors and actuators in your plant.
Intuitive and clear user interface
Through the app’s intuitive user interface, you can clearly display measurement curves and additional information to support your evaluations.
Individual tag selection
Compile your curve analyses according to your needs. You can integrate all sensors, actuators and process parameters needed for an optimal analysis of your production process.
Saving and sharing different views of curve analyses
Once you’ve compiled the desired view of curve analysis for a quick overview of all important measurement data, save this individual view to have it displayed next time and to share it with others easier.
Consulting and support for the creation and evaluation of curve analyses
Exchange ideas with our experts to create curve analyses tailored to your needs. You’ll be rewarded with the best view of your production processes right from the start, enabling you to act quickly when errors occur.

How Curve Analysis helps you achieve smart production

Reduces downtime

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