Component History

Use the Component History app to view the total load of your machine components.

Your benefits with Component History
Holistic analysis of the load on a component over its life cycle
Faster error detection possible
Easier estimation of the life of components
Company-wide access to the EVORIS platform and data at any time - even mobile
Time saving thanks to the use of preconfigured templates
Fewer or shorter downtimes
Better deduction of preventive maintenance measures

Component History Impressions

Explore the Component History app features
Compressed recording of the load on components over the entire life cycle
The component history analyzes and saves measured values on the load of a component, including torque, mileage and force effects. Compressed storage allows you to store data obtained over several decades.
Flexible, targeted and clear evaluations of total loads with needs-based displays
For a targeted evaluation, you can display total loads in simple numbers, bar charts or in complex heat maps to achieve the evaluation you need. You can view and evaluate individual measured values, or you can set various values for a component in relation to each other. In this way, you can quickly identify stress points and anomalies, which supports quick error detection and timely maintenance to reduce downtimes.
Archiving component histories
If you replace a component, you can archive the component history. The stored data on the load spectrum is available for future comparisons with new components.
Comparing component histories
Comparing the current total load of a component with an archived component history can help you estimate the remaining life of the current component. This supports preventive and early procurement of spare parts.
Preconfigured templates for recording load spectra
Preconfigured templates for different components allow you to start recording component loads immediately.
How Component History helps you achieve smart production
Reduces downtime
Saves costs
Saves resources

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