Air Grader


The SGF-Air Grader is used in the MDF, HDF, THDF and door skin production for separating:
Wood particles
Glue lumps
Coarse fibers
Metal rubber and other foreign material

Customer benefits

Increased product quality
Simple and reliable
Low operating costs and maintenance effort
Low exhaust volume
Reduced risk of press damage
Safe design according to high European Standards
High press performance by avoiding fiber temperature drop from dryer to forming

Technical features

No internals which could cause blockages
Design according to ATEX directives with pressure relief and/or explosion suppression
Fan impeller with high efficiency
Air grader process with usage of up to 70% recirculated air
Pressure control to enable adjustments of capacities
Fan arrangement on clean air side downstream cyclone prevents wear on fan impeller and impeller housing
Process Heating system
Technical Drawing Air Grader MDF

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