Forming Station

Mat spreading for particleboard (PB) pressing
Customer benefits
Low sanding allowance due to superb forming accuracy, both lengthwise and crosswise
Modular system with compact design, especially for modernizations (ClassiFormer)
Possibility to process 100% recycling material, straw, hard and soft wood
Excellent board surface quality, highly suitable for laminating or direct painting due to a highly accurate process (WindFormer)
Optimized weight control loops for fast production starts and changes
Technical features
  • Separation for surface layer mainly due to wind (particles’ weight) in combination with screens
  • Separation and reject of glue lumps from the production material (optional roller screen “retrofittable”)
In combination with Rake spreader head for core layer (with disc separator for glue lump removal)
  • Separation by particles’ size mainly due to different gaps between the rollers
  • Combined dosing bins for both surface layers and core layer (for capacities < 400 m³/h)
  • For medium capacities in combination with Rake spreader head for core layer

Best forming accuracy crosswise with optional Formator

Operation principle Forming Station PB
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