Forming Station MDF


Mat spreading for MDF / THDF board pressing

Customer benefits

Low sanding required due to highest forming accuracy, both lengthwise and crosswise
Possible material savings due to short control loop of the scalper system and direct return of material to the bin
Excellent board surface quality. Highly suitable for laminating or direct painting
Board’s top and bottom appearance identical. Separation effect avoided thanks to different forming roller’s designs, separately adjustable speed and low dropping height
Technical features
For line speeds up to 2,500 m/s, and either of these forming heads:
Forming Rollers Head
  • Board thickness: 1.0 – 60 mm
  • Rollers equalizing the fibers
  • Different roller designs to avoid separation effect
Spike-Roll Vacuum Former
  • Board thickness: 1.0 – 16 mm
  • Spike-Roll disintegrates fibers
  • Vacuum pre-compresses the mat and adjusts fiber distribution
Best forming accuracy crosswise with optional Formator:
  • Scalper with separately scalping 100 mm wide segments over board’s width, regulated in closed loop by Dieffensor
  • Ability to reduce raw material consumption considerably. Material is returned to the forming bin
Operating principle Forming Station MDF

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