Alternative fuels

Reduce long-term energy costs

Typical applications
Wood-based panels industry
Cement industry
Paper industry
Power plants
Challenges in the production of alternative fuels
Cost reduction
Fossil fuels trigger additional costs that may increase over time.
Avoid CO2 emissions
Costly CO2 certificates can reduce the profitability of your overall process.
Diverse input material
The consistent quality of your end product must be ensured regardless of the raw material.
Our solution
How you benefit with Dieffenbacher
Reduced energy costs
Lower CO2 emissions
Individual adaptation of particle size and moisture to specific fuel requirements
Regulatory compliance
Flexible use of various biomasses such as wood, straw and bagasse
Efficient production of burner dust < 500µm thanks to unique impact technology (ClassiSizer)
What you can expect from us
Planning and design
We work with you to develop the optimum system solution for your individual requirements.
Project management and interface coordination
Rely on us for system integration, site management, installation and commissioning – anywhere in the world.
Turnkey delivery
You receive an immediately usable and fully integrated recycling plant from a single supplier.
Emissions and safety inspections
Our expertise makes it easier for you to meet legal standards.

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