COVID-19: Facing the challenge – together

We protect our employees
Protecting the health of our employees and supporting them in this exceptional situation is important to us. We are taking all necessary actions to avoid the spread of the virus by adjusting our rules of conduct. Thanks to our efficient digital infrastructure and the support of our IT team, many of our employees worldwide are working in home offices to reduce physical contact. We’re aware that limitations like closed schools or daycare facilities face our staff with ever new challenges. That’s why we give them flexibility to combine work and private live. Meanwhile, we are protecting employees whose presence is required at our sites as best as we can and are steadily monitoring the situation and adjusting protective measures.
Here are some examples of protective measures:
Together with our customers, partners and suppliers, we are moving forward.
Our commitment to our employees, customers, partners and suppliers during this situation remains as strong as ever. Teamwork inside DIEFFENBACHER and teamwork with our customers, partners and suppliers is crucial in this extraordinary situation.
Our production network is in operation, and we will do our utmost to keep it stable to supply our customers with needed solutions, products and parts during these challenging times.
Our technical 24/7 service and our spare parts centers are available to ensure quick help.
As a global company, we have representations on all major continents. This gives us the capability to provide critical onsite service through local representatives.
A major limitation DIEFFENBACHER currently faces is restricted worldwide travel. Therefore, we are opening up more communications options to customers. For example, our sales, project management and service personnel are setting up online meetings to have virtual face-to-face communication with customers and partners.
We are steadily monitoring our supply chain to react flexibly to potential difficulties and find the best possible solutions to maintain operations.
Join in! Together, we’ll move forward!
Our sincerest thanks…
Please take care and stay healthy!
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